Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – the CEC) together with the Residents' Register Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania conducted a project "Voter's Page" of advanced online provision of services for the voters (hereinafter – the Project). The Project was completed in July 2015. "Voter's Page" development service provider – LTD „Tieto Lietuva".

The project is financed by the 3rd priority "Information Society For All" action programme for the economic growth of the implementing measure No VP2-3.1-IVPK-14-K "Advanced online services" from the European Regional Development Fund and State budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

The portal for voters created by the project: www.rinkejopuslapis.lt

Mission of the Project:

  • to promote activity of the voters;
  • to build trust in a country and the elected ones;
  • to promote importance and responsibility of the voters.

Purpose of the Project:

  • accessibility of the electoral services;
  • to encourage and make a conversation between voters, candidates and electoral commissions possible.

All the online services for the voters, candidates and members of the electoral commissions are accessible in one cyberspace, which provides relevant information about elections and data of previous elections.

"Voter's Page" allows a candidate to reach a voter in an easier way, and a voter can use various online services, which simplify participation in elections: to find a necessary polling district on a map, to print out a poll card, to submit and receive e-documents, notifications with information, support of a nominated candidate or the person who declared themselves to be a candidate, etc.

Online services developed by the project:

1. Informing the voters:

1.1. informing the voters;

1.2. search of a polling district and a constituency;

1.3. search and review of an elected candidate to the Seimas, Municipal Council, European Parliament.

2. Submission and receiving of e-documents:

2.1. documents of a participant of an election;

2.2. poll card;

2.3. ordering and receiving the certificates.

3. Support:

3.1. support of a nominated candidate or the persons who declared themselves to be a candidate;

3.2. support of a referendum, citizens' legislative initiative.

Planned changes after having implemented the Project:

Before the Project

After having implemented the Project

In order to access the provided e-services, a visitor of the website had to log into (authenticate) each of them separately. 

All of the provided e-services are accessible using "one window" principle. Having logged in once, a visitor does not have to authenticate again. Logged in user receives personalised services, according to their status during elections.

On the website of the CEC, data is presented on different pages with limited possibilities to obtain data and carry out an analysis of the wanted data.

There is now a possibility to obtain historical and recent data of elections (results, information about candidates, data of campaign financing and other).

The website only provides general information.

When providing information, the following user groups are taken into consideration:

  • voters;
  • candidates;
  • members of an electoral commission.

Representatives of a municipal administration were preparing the distribution of territory of municipalities into polling districts without a visual representation of its borders on the map.

Representative of a municipal administration uses a map of polling districts and constituencies, can also check the changes of borders presented on a map.

Voters can get acquainted with maps of borders of polling districts and submit proposals to the municipality about inaccuracies or improvements.

In order to find members from the Seimas, municipal councils or European Parliament who represent them, they had to search for it on the CEC's website, specific pages with results of elections and know exactly which constituency to choose.

A portal "Voter's Page" provides an opportunity to once a person is logged in to have access to relevant candidates, elected into their represented institutions, find out who represents them in Seimas, municipality or European Parliament.

Various requests about issuing of certificates, work at the elections, participation in the elections were submitted and received via ordinary mail.

Any interested person has an opportunity to request and receive necessary certificates.

Schedule of elections on the CEC's website had limited functions, a list of election events is shown after having selected a specific date or time period.

Users of the Voter's Page receive relevant election schedules, additional information and links to legal acts. Relevant e-services according to the current election schedule – submission of documents, support of a nominated candidate, beginning of an early voting and others.